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5 Must-Have Essential Industrial PPE Kits From Omaga Safety Supply

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If you are an employer, you must be concerned about the risk factors for your employees at the workplace. To make a safe and sound environment, you must provide your workers proper PPE kits for their well-being. PPE or Personal Protective Equipment decreases the risk factor in a workplace. Purchase 5 must-have PPE kits from Omaga Safety Supply, the leading Industrial PPE kit supplier in the Philippines at a reasonable rate.

1. Hard Hat:

Hard hats are one of the essential Personal Protective Equipment that protects a worker’s head from falling objects at a site. Additionally, hard hats are designed to diminish electrical shock too. Heard hats are adjustable to keep the hat comfortably on the head.

2. Safety Shoes:

Having a pair of safety shoes is not at all skippable at a workplace. Safety shoes protect the feet from falling and rolling hard objects, slippery surfaces, pinch points, hot objects, sharp edges, etc. Besides, safety shoes are also designed to resist electric shock. Buy a pair of safety shoes from the best safety shoes supplier in the Philippines and keep your worker’s feet protected from hazardous accidents at the worksite.

3. Reflector Vest:

Reflector vests are generally used to highlight the presence of the workers, especially at night. Reflector vests are made of high-quality reflective materials. These are made in fluorescent green and orange colors to make the workers visible from a distance at a workplace.

4. Safety Harness:

Safety harnesses are indispensable at a work site. It keeps a worker protected from falling from height. Falling from a height at a working site is one of the serious incidents that often occur. Hence, ensuring the protection of a worker with a safety body harness is way too essential.

5. Eye protection:

The eyes are one of the sensitive body parts that should be properly taken care of. To prevent the eyes from flying fragments, particles, small and large chips at the construction site, eye protection is a must-have for every worker.

There is an abundance of Personal Protective Equipment kits provided by Omaga Safety Supply. All of them are very much effective for safety purposes. Visit us to explore more products of our company if you are looking for the best quality PPE kits at a super affordable price. We are the topmost safety equipment supplier in the Philippines since 2008.

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