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5 Types Of Safety Shoes For Different Work Environments

different types of safety shoes

The importance of safety shoes in workplaces is immense and also known to all. But, did you know, only the right pair of safety shoes can ensure complete protection to the feet of the workers? Hence, in this blog, Omaga Safety Supply, the most reliable safety shoe supplier in the Philippines takes this charge to discuss the 5 most important types of safety shoes that fulfill the needs of 5 different types of job roles.

Safety-toed shoes

If a worker works at a workplace where his toes are at high risk because of his job role, he must wear a pair of safety-toed shoes in order to protect his feet completely. These shoes are made of hard steel or non-metallic toe caps that prevent hazards by covering up the area of toes.

Steel insole shoes

These shoes are mainly provided to the workers who drive heavy trucks, ride bikes, or push paddles for a longer period of time. Steel insole shoes prevent joint or bone-related problems that a worker may get while executing his duty.

Metal instep shoes

These types of safety shoes are designed in a way so that they can prevent accidental injuries. Metal instep safety shoes provide complete protection to the feet of the workers mainly from the sharp and pointed objects that can easily harm a worker severely. These shoes are considered to be best utilized at industrial workplaces where accidental injuries are very much usual for the workers. Hence, wearing a pair of metal instep shoes can protect the workers’ feet in an industrial workplace in the best possible way.

Metatarsal safety shoes

Another important type of safety shoes is metatarsal shoes. These shoes are solely designed for those workers who work mainly in construction sites and whose job role is lifting up heavy objects. In such jobs, accidents may occur anytime by an unexpected falling of large heavy objects on the feet of the worker. Metatarsal safety shoes ensure the protection of the upper portion of the feet so that no heavy object can injure the feet of the workers. These shoes are so useful that they provide protection to the feet of the workers both internally and externally.

Electric hazard shoes

It is quite common to expect dangerous electric wires left here and there at an industrial workplace. In such situations, a worker may witness electric shock unknowingly at any time. But, if a worker wears a pair of safety shoes that can prevent unexpected electric shocks, it ensures protection even if a worker comes in direct exposure to electric wires. These shoes are designed for workers who work with various high-voltage machines.

Besides these aforementioned 5 safety shoes, there are a lot of varieties in safety shoes that are necessary for different work purposes.

Choose safety shoes according to your job type and purchase them only from a trustworthy safety shoe supplier in the Philippines.

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