Safety Equipment

5 Vital Safety Equipment For Every Worker In The Philippines

Safety Equipment

A big welcome to Omaga Safety Supply’s site. Safety supplies are need of the hour in the Philippines. Buying the right safety supplies can protect you from various accidents or injuries. At Omaga Safety Supply, we offer numerous types of safety equipment for our customers residing in the Philippines. From PPE Kit to hard hats, you will get everything you need for your workplace from our online’s store. 

Omaga Safety Supply is the leading safety equipment supplier in the Philippines. We offer safety supplies at reasonable rates when compared to other suppliers. In today’s blog, we will tell you about 5 vital safety equipment that all workers in the Philippines must own. So, let’s take a look at all of them quickly.


After the onset of COVID-19, almost everyone including a child knows about PPE kits. PPE kits are worn by people related to any medical departments. These kits protect you from bacterial or viral infections. You can buy excellent-quality PPE kits from a trusted protective equipment supplier in the Philippines

Safety Shoes

Without safety shoes, you can never escape leg injuries. Also, apart from protecting your feet from foreign particles, safety shoes even help in providing grip to reduce slips and falls. At Omaga, we offer high-quality safety shoes to our customers. We are considered the best safety shoes supplier in the Philippines

Safety Vests

Workers working in the construction or traffic site are required to wear appropriate safety vests to be identified by their co-workers and visible by the drivers. Safety vests can actually save your life to a great extent. Don’t forget to check out safety vests offered by the best safety vest supplier in the Philippines.

Industrial Safety Helmets

Head injuries are fatal as they are life-threatening. It is very crucial to save your head from heavy falling objects while working at a construction site. To protect your head from head injuries at your workplace, you must consider hard hats or industrial safety helmets. You can get hard hats from Omaga, the leading industrial safety helmets supplier in the Philippines.

Body Harnesses

Body harnesses are the most underrated safety equipment ever. They become necessary when you work at a height of 6 feet or above. When you work at such heights, you might fall and injure yourself so it is vital to wear a proper body harness while doing construction work at heights. 

To buy safety supplies, contact Omaga, the best safety equipment supplier in the Philippines.  

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