Omaga Safety Inc was established in the year 2008. It is mainly engaged in supplying fit-for-purpose Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).We are selling affordable but high quality products nationwide and the main focus of it is on peoples’ safety. We are to serve small, medium and/or large construction, mining, marine industry and even corporate public and private sectors.

Omaga Safety Inc can supply stable quantity and quality with their strength support. We are striving to have continuous expansion and improving our capabilities. The products are designed towards a full customer’s satisfaction and having a strong and long lasting connection with all of our clients. Our company always welcome the new and old customers to order or to ask for the products they need. It is located in Manila, Philippines.


To achieve the satisfaction of our customer needs by providing the best PERSONAL PROTECTIVE EQUIPMENT that we have. and to be a well-known safety supply (equipment) company.


Being ‘mindful’ to our customers as well as to our employees. Making sure that we maintain our good relationship to them with trust and with a heart.