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Finding Suitable Hard Hats: Points You Must Keep In Mind

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Every industrial workplace must ensure the safety of the employees by providing proper Personal Protective Equipment to them. Hard helmets, commonly known as hard hats are the type of Personal Protective Equipment that protects the workers from any kind of head injuries. If you are an employer and confused about choosing proper hard hats for your employees, here is a solution for you. Omaga Safety Supply, the leading PPE kit supplier in the Philippines is publishing this blog to impart an idea of how to choose suitable hard hats for industrial workers.

What are the varieties of hard hats?

  • White hard hats

Generally, the white hard hats are used by engineers, supervisors, and foremen.

  • Brown hard hats

Welders who work in extremely hot environments wear brown hard hats.

  • Yellow hard hats

Operators and general workers wear yellow hard hats.

  • Blue hard hats

Technical advisors tend to wear this hard helmet. Sometimes, the temporary workers in an industrial workplace are seen to wear blue hard helmets.

  • Green hard hats

Mostly the green helmets are provided to the new employees in a workplace so that everyone can recognize the newcomers.

  • Orange hard hats

Industry visitors wear orange helmets most of the time.

It should be noted that each and every color has specific significance and meaning in the workplace. Hence, understanding the meaning of the helmets is very much important before purchasing.

Now that you have gathered an idea about your preference for hard hats for industrial work purposes, follow these tips while buying.

Select the comfortable one

As the name of these hats suggests hard hats are already designed to be hard enough. Hence, comfort is very much necessary to continue wearing these helmets during the whole day of work. If these are not comfortable enough, the workers find it difficult to wear such helmets for a longer period of time.

Good material

Remember that such hats are manufactured to be hard but not heavy. Purchase a hard helmet that is made of the best quality material like ABS plastic material. Do not compromise with the quality.

Adjustable quality

The hard hats should be adjusted with the heads of the employees. As all the employees do not possess the same head shape, the hard hats should have adjustable features in them. With a proper adjustment, wearing hard hats becomes easy and comfortable.

Electric shock resistance quality

Nowadays, with the development of technology, hard hats are designed to resist electric shock also. Employees can get protection from the sudden electric shock while working. Hence, choose the hard hats that provide this amazing feature.

Best quality hard hats in the Philippines

The construction industries of the Philippines also demand a high requirement of hard helmets. This is why Omaga Safety Supply believes in delivering quality hard hats to customers. Explore so many other quality PPE kits at Omaga Safety Supply to ensure the safety of industrial workers.

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