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How To Wear A Safety Body Harness At Your Workplace?

safety body harness

Choosing a proper safety body harness for every worker is very much essential. But, at the same time, you need to know the proper usage of a body harness. In this blog, Omaga Safety Supply, the highest-ranking safety equipment supplier in the Philippines would guide you about using a body harness in the workplace.

Before jumping into the main part, let’s make a checklist of how to inspect a harness before using:

• At first, hold the harness by its dorsal D-ring.

• Quiver the harness with a rapid motion and let the straps line up to the right place. Make sure that the buckles are detached.

• Scrutinize minutely if there is any damage like missing threads, fractured webbing. Do not forget to check the D-ring and the strap latch as these parts play a major role in protecting you from any kind of accidents.

• If you have grommets in your harness, check them carefully if they are deformed or not.

• Your buckle holders should be firmly attached to your harness. Check carefully before wearing.

What are the steps of putting on a safety body harness in a proper way?

Wearing a safety body harness properly is very much important. Go after these following steps to put on a body harness safely.

• Take on the harness on your shoulders like a vest. Let the D-ring lie between the shoulder blades at your back.

• Tug the straps and lock the buckles tightly.

Adjust the length of the side straps according to your comfort level.

• Next, the chest straps should be fastened correctly.

• In case if any extra slack remains, do adjust them properly.

• The loose ends of a strap should be locked in the strap holder.

• Put the leg straps between your legs and connect them to the opposite edges with the buckles.

• Check if you are able to hold the dorsal D-ring with your hands or not. The D-ring has to be easily attainable by you.

• Finally, check the tightness of your harness by putting your fingers under the straps. Make sure that the tightness should be according to your comfort zone.

Slapdash should be avoided while putting on a body harness. You are using a body harness to avoid unnecessary risks at your workplace. Hence, you should patiently put on your safety body harness before starting your work.
Purchase a supreme quality body harness from Omaga Safety Supply, the most recommended safety vest supplier in the Philippines, and keep yourself protected from hazardous risks at your workplace.

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