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What Are The Things To Keep In Mind Before Buying A Smoke Detector?

Smoke Detector

When you own a school, college, office, business, or shopping mall, you need to cater to many audiences. The safety of so many people is at the hands of the property owner. A fire can break out in any place without a prior warning. However, if you have a smoke detector installed at these places, then the lives of so many people could be saved. The first step to save a life and property from the consequences of fires is setting up a high-quality fire alarm system. Therefore, a protective equipment supplier in the Philippines can be your savior when you need a smoke detector to ensure the safety of your property. 

Below are the parameters that you should consider before buying a smoke detector.

1) Battery

Before buying a smoke detector, you need to check its battery life. If a smoke detector does not come along with long battery life, it would have to be recharged or replaced after frequent intervals. A safety equipment supplier in the Philippines would guide you that which smoke detector has better battery life.

2) Budget

The cost of the smoke detector might differ from one company to another. Before buying a smoke detector for commercial purposes, make sure that it meets the fire codes that pertain to your building or business type. You would also have to pay the installer to acquire permits, prepare the installation plan and labor. 

3) Ease of installation

The ease of installation is something that you should consider before buying a smoke detector. If you are purchasing the smoke detector for residential purposes, you can opt for a battery-powered fire alarm system that is easy to install. Their batteries can be changed without any hassle. However, a wired system requires the help of a safety vest supplier in the Philippines. 

4) Coverage area

Before buying a smoke detector, it is mandatory to see how much area it would cover. If you are buying it for your house, then the bedroom, kitchen, dining room coverage is enough. However, if you are buying it for commercial purposes, you should take measurements of every room and corridor and install it at equal intervals based on the room’s dimensions. 

5) Warranty

Before buying a smoke detector, it is essential to compare the warranty provided by various smoke detectors and then decide on buying one. When a product comes with a longer warranty, you can be assured of its maintenance and working. Therefore, it is mandatory to check the warranty that a smoke detector provides.

Apart from these factors, make sure that the protective equipment supplier in the Philippines is providing you with a smoke detector that meets the government regulations, has carbon monoxide detectors, and has a test button to check regularly if it is functioning correctly.

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