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All You Need To Know About Preventing Ear Damage In A Workplace

When it comes to the industrial fields, most workplaces are enough noisy. Multiple workers work with different types of industrial equipment or instruments at a time. So, noise is a common trouble in industrial workplaces. Even, you will be surprised to know that sometimes, the noise can be so loud that it exceeds 130 decibels and this is almost as loud as a flight taking off. However, in spite of that workers have to work in such a noisy atmosphere every day. This is why it is extremely important to put on ear protection in an industrial workplace. Let the most reputed Safety Equipment Supplier in the Philippines discuss the importance of ear protection in the workplace.

How is it risky not to wear ear protection in the workplace?

We know that wearing ear protection 100% of the time will provide complete protection against all noises in the workplace. But did you know that wearing ear protection 99% of the time (that means not wearing protection for even five minutes) significantly decreases the level of its ability to protect the ears from noise?

So, it indicates that not wearing hearing protection even for a very short time increases the risk of permanent ear damage. Henceforth, make sure that you are not exposed to noise for too long without putting on ear protection.

What are the complications of not wearing ear protection in the workplace?

The main complication that might occur if someone does not put on ear protection is permanent loss of hearing. That means total damage to the ears. Apart from that, some common other complications are –

  • Severe headache
  • High blood pressure
  • Suffering from a sleep disorder (sleep apnea)
  • Loss of concentration in the work
  • Tiredness throughout the day

What types of ear protection are available?

There are different types of ear protection available. A worker has to choose ear protection according to the type of work he or she does in a workplace.

We have listed two main types of ear protections below –


Earplugs are generally disposable products. They do not cost much and are completely maintenance-free. Earplugs are usually suitable if you work in a warm, humid environment. Or in some industries where hygiene is very important, like the food industry.

Ear muffs:

There will be a lot of variety available in ear muffs. Different types of ear muffs are ideal for places with high sound levels. Experts opine that, when it comes to better protection, ear muffs are better than earplugs.

Besides these two, there is an abundance of options to protect your ears from workplace noise. So, purchase one or two pairs of good-quality ear protection from a reliable Safety Equipment Supplier in the Philippines.

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